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Audrahni's Ally

Source Return of the Runelords Players Guide pg. 10
Category Campaign
While every PC should be at least passingly familiar with the elven gravedigger Audrahni, you are one of the few in town she counts as a true friend. Work with the GM to determine what sort of common ground you and Audrahni share. Perhaps you worship a deity whose teachings parallel her vocation (such as Ashava or Pharasma). Maybe you’re a Forlorn elf and you sense a kindred spirit within her. With the GM’s permission you may have known her in Magnimar before meeting her once again upon arriving in Roderic’s Cove. Or perhaps you merely share a similar passion for arcana, dancing, history, magic, or religion. More details about Audrahni appear in the adventures, but she’s a mysterious woman who’s close lipped about her past—and so you’ll need to work with your GM to have a stronger relationship at the campaign’s outset.

Audrahni trusts you, and she’s shared one element of her past with you since befriending you. Choose one of the following questions. At the start of the campaign, the GM will give you a brief answer about Audrahni’s past. Once you know the answer, you should fashion a parallel event in your own PC’s history, creating a shared misery or memory with Audrahni. The fact that you’ve met someone else who had a similar event in their past has bolstered your own resolve, and has granted you a +1 trait bonus to the saving throw determined by the question you select.

“What happened to your parents?”: Grants a +1 trait bonus to Fortitude saving throws.

“Where did you grow up?”: Grants a +1 trait bonus to Reflex saving throws.

“What historical figure inspired you the most?”: Grants a +1 trait bonus to Will saving throws.

Once per adventure as a standard action, you may concentrate on the bond you and Audrahni share. The strong emotions brought on by these memories bolster your desire to forge ahead and remain alive, granting you the effects of one of the following spells at a caster level equal to your character level: calm emotions, cure moderate wounds, or lesser restoration.