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Hurricane Crown

Source Pathfinder #60: From Hell's Heart pg. 54
Aura strong conjuration and evocation; CL 17th
Slot head; Price 125,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.


A band of golden skulls encircles this golden crown, and smaller skulls top its points. Forged for the first Hurricane King, Turpin Irons, when he sailed out of the Eye of Abendego more than 100 years ago to claim rulership over the Shackles, the Hurricane Crown has been passed down (or taken by force) from one Hurricane King to the next ever since. On command, the Hurricane Crown changes its shape and appearance to assume the form of a normal piece of headwear (such as a hat or scarf). The crown retains all its properties (including weight) when so disguised. Only a true seeing spell or similar magic reveals the true nature of the crown when disguised.

The wearer of the Hurricane Crown gains a +5 competence bonus on Profession (sailor) checks and Survival checks made to determine direction or predict the weather at sea, and he can see normally through fog, mist, smoke, and precipitation or weather effects, whether natural or magical. Once per day, the wearer can cast control winds; if the wearer is standing on a ship, the ship and any creatures aboard it are unaffected by the controlled winds unless the wearer wishes to affect them, even if the ship’s area is larger than the spell’s unaffected area. In addition, once per day, the wearer of the Hurricane Crown can surround himself in either a shroud of elemental water or supernatural winds, as the seamantle or winds of vengeance spells (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide 241, 256).

Lastly, the wearer of the Hurricane Crown can create a single-use phase door in the rock of Lucrehold to access the sea caves and Hidden Harbor beneath the island (see page 26). If the crown’s wearer is standing on a ship, the phase door is large enough to accommodate the ship and any creatures on it. The phase door remains invisible and inaccessible to all other creatures and ships, and otherwise functions as a normal phase door. This ability can be used at will.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, control winds, disguise self, phase door, seamantle (Advanced Player’s Guide 241), true seeing, winds of vengeance (Advanced Player’s Guide 256); Cost 62,500 gp